Food writing in Avenue Edmonton

Food writing in Avenue Edmonton

I’ve done a number of pieces for Avenue Edmonton magazine in recent months, though I just realized I haven’t shared them here. I was pretty happy to connect with Avenue shortly after leaving Vue, and that they were willing to bring me on to do a few pieces. Here’s a roundup of everything I’ve done for them so far – and I’ve got more in the hopper for 2017, too.

This story is about the build-your-own pizza concept that has started to really take hold in Edmonton. Basically, they are the Subways of pizza. Interestingly, it was a bunch of indie places that kicked off this trend in town, which is a pretty welcome change from the usual story of yet another US chain expanding into Canada through Edmonton. The Americans are here, however – Blaze Pizza opened back in April.

I pitched this story about pickles, because…well. Because pickles, that’s why. I was specifically triggered by the psychotically good pickles that Johwanna makes at Mojo Jojo, but I’ve also noticed that chef-made pickles and preserves are pretty much the norm for anything other than chains and super casual joints.

I’ve also done quite a few Ingredient stories for Avenue, which are a feature of a particular ingredient along with tips for using it and some insight (and a recipe!) from a local chef or two. The first was rose hips back in September and after that was cold-pressed canola oil. I focused on pitching ingredients that I’m pretty familiar with (obviously) but also want to learn more about – there’s nothing like a story assignment to motive you to learn about something. I’ve done a bunch more of these for next year’s issues, which I’ll share as they are published.

Finally, I did a large spread of international holiday desserts for the December issue. This was actually a great way to find out what other cultures indulge in at this time of year – it’s all butter tarts and shortbread cookies around my neck of the woods. I think the one I’m most intrigued by is melomakarona, a Greek honey cookie. All the more reason to go out for mezze sometime soon.

One last thing – major bonus points to Avenue for spelling my name correctly right from the beginning. I’m finally starting to increase my batting average on that.

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