Astrology of March 2021: Monthly Overview

Astrology of March 2021: Monthly Overview

March should be one of the more positive, chill months of 2021.

It starts off with some dispersion of the intense Aquarian energy that built up in February. As the month opens, the Sun and Venus have already moved into Pisces; Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are back in Aquarius. Mars is still stubbornly marching through Taurus, making an ingress into Gemini on March 3 that will improve his condition – and hopefully his mood – considerably.

In Gemini, Mars’ action, activity and anger will take on a more cerebral nature. However, Mars in Gemini tends to be quite scattered in his action due to the mutability of Gemini; it’s that tendency to start a million things all at once, have a million tabs open on your browser, work a little bit on each thing but get nothing finished. It’s easy to get overwhelmed  and frustrated at your lack of accomplishments. The key will be to slow down and apply some focus and discipline to your work.

Mars in Gemini is also great at starting arguments with off-the-cuff, snappy comments. During this period (March 3 to April 23), I’d recommend watching your engagement on social media particularly. It’s easy to get in pointless arguments on social media at the best of times, and the next couple months are going to be particularly prone to this type of thing.

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On March 4, Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius. Mercury is now on the straight and narrow, picking up speed and making up for lost time after his retrograde throughout most of February. This conjunction with Jupiter is quite auspicious and would be a great time to start a project that requires a mental boost.

The Sun conjoins Neptune at 10 degrees of Pisces on March 10. This cazimi affords us the opportunity for the Sun’s rays to pierce the watery veil of Neptune in Pisces, giving us glimpses of solid reality and truth behind the hazy, insubstantial dreams, illusions and disillusions that mark Neptune’s influence in the sign of the fishes. Because Neptune also rules fraud, lies and deception this could be a moment where we gain some insight into the machinations behind the pandemic and its continued global fallout. Both Neptune and Pisces are aligned with both disease and drugs, so I’m expecting big developments with COVID/vaccines during the Sun’s residency in Pisces.

A lovely New Moon happens on March 13 at 23 Pisces. Venus, who is exalted in Pisces, will be making an applying conjunction to Neptune at this time, and both the New Moon and the Venus-Neptune conjunction will be making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This should prove to be a really delicious, inspiring New Moon. The Venus-Neptune energy speaks to themes of deep romance, passion and seeking deeper truths and highest ideals of beauty and art, while the sextile to Pluto suggests deeply exploring a subject that captivates you. This would be an excellent time to kindle a new romantic relationship, or explore some aspect of yourself related to themes of art, beauty, philosophy and creativity in general. It will not be a good time for putting nose to the grindstone – give yourself some time to indulge in your higher consciousness, for a while.

Mercury’s ingress into Pisces on the 15th will provide more fuel for the daydreaming thoughts and fantasies prompted by the Sun and Venus’ presence here. Mercury’s thinking gets muddy in Pisces as it’s double-debilitated here, in both detriment and fall. So, it’s a really crappy time for any work that requires a high degree of Mercurial problem solving, detail-orientation and/or critical analysis. It could be a great time to work on communications and exchanges of a subjective, emotional, creative nature.

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The Sun enters Aries on March 20, marking the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Shortly after, the Sun and Venus will conjoin in the early hours of March 22 at the same degree (1 Aries), but it’s not a completely perfect conjunction – it’s off by a few minutes. The Sun steps forward into the next degree (2 Aries) only to be rejoined by Venus a few hours later, but again while they share the same degree, the conjunction isn’t perfect.

This little dance happens a few more times over the next few days, with Venus stepping into the same degree as the Sun only to have the Sun immediately step forward to the next degree, thwarting Venus’ efforts to form an exact conjunction. This period of time, which runs from March 22 until Venus finally achieves an exact conjunction with the Sun on March 26 at 12:49am at 5°50’ Aries, may be a frustrating period.

The Sun is our creative focus and in Aries there’s a strong sense of a building creative energy that wants to be unleashed; Venus’ conjunction wants to pull this to matters of the heart but at the same time, in Aries, Venus is in detriment. In the sign of the ram, Venus loves impulsively, almost frantically, as she struggles to have her needs met in a sign that doesn’t offer much in the way of patience or emotional nurturing.

Thus, there’s a fiery, frantic nature to this quick succession of Venus-Sun conjunctions. There’s a sense of urgency, maybe even desperation. Your heart may not be in line with your mind. When the Sun and Venus finally achieve cazimi, it might mark a breakthrough moment where you can finally move forward on something that’s been hung up for a bit of time.

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Mars trines Saturn on March 21, at 10 degrees of Gemini/Aquarius respectively. This could give some much-needed discipline to Mars’ scattered mental workings in Gemini. If you need to focus on getting something done this would be a good time – Saturn in a fixed sign will give Mars the ability to focus on one single task instead of moving back and forth between things as he likes to do in mutable Gemini. At the same time, the Sun and Venus have just ingressed into Aries, a cardinal fire sign that’s excellent at picking a direction and going full charge at it. Mercury is still back in watery mutable Pisces, the sign of his detriment/fall, so he’s not super helpful as the dispositor of Mars, but Saturn should be able to step in and give that needed focus.

Mercury squares Mars on March 23 at 11 Pisces/Gemini respectively. This is a great aspect for getting into an argument with someone or making snappy comments that might end up hurting someone unintentionally, so try to think before you speak (or type).

The month ends with a Full Moon on March 28 at 8 Libra. This time period forces us to look at the fantasies, relationships or projects that we dreamed up earlier in the month around the New Moon, demanding that we evaluate their future potential. Are they achievable, balanced and enduring, or was it all just a pipe dream?

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