Astrology of June 2021: Monthly Overview

Astrology of June 2021: Monthly Overview

June is a big month with a lot of major astrological transits. It will start with the usual (or unusual?) Mercury retrograde hijinks. This will be all the more prominent and unusual given that an Annular Solar Eclipse falls smack dab right in the middle of Mercury’s retrograde period, the same day of the MercRet cazimi (June 10).

As I mentioned in the May 2021 write-up, all the usual precautions about MercRet are especially true when it happens in a sign that Mercury rules, as he does Gemini. And when an eclipse happens in the middle of it? Well, this is setting the stage for some pretty major news stories to break – and then probably get distorted, confused, misinterpreted and just generally screwed up.

I’m expecting that there will be some major news item that comes out around this time that will be super confusing and probably end up causing delays and further confusion as the public attempts to sort it out. Alien disclosure, maybe??? I’m only partly kidding – disclosure has already happened but not in a super publicly-acknowledged way; I would seriously not be surprised if some straight-up War of the Worlds action happened around now.

NOTE: I wrote my first draft of this forecast at the end of 2020, before the recent UFO discussion started happening in the media. So I guess this is a hit!

That eclipse happens when the Moon is making an applying square to Neptune in Pisces, as well – so that’s just going to further intensify the confusion and blur the edges. That said, the cazimi later in the day (the eclipse happens in the wee hours of the morning at 4:52am, while the cazimi is at 7:12pm) might clear up some of the initial confusion that was presented. Mars is also in the final degree of Cancer at this time, so again there may be increased tension or conflict around this time, particular around issues of home and family.

Expect to wake up to a wild news story on June 10, which might get cleared up a bit that evening. Nonetheless, there will likely be ongoing misinterpretations, speculations, conspiracies and maybe straight-out lies around whatever is communicated at this time. Judge your sources extra-critically and take every piece of news with a heaping bowl of salt.

The other major transit in June is the second square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which happens on June 14. This time around, the Moon opposes Saturn from its position in fiery Leo (recall that on the first Saturn-Uranus square on February 17, the Moon was conjunct Uranus). Thus there is a tense T-square between Saturn, Uranus and the Moon, with Uranus acting as the focal point. The way out of this configuration is through whatever disruption and rebellion Uranus demands.

At the same time, Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Gemini square each other (exact square on the 13th). The Sun seeks to shine a spotlight deep into the watery illusions of Neptune and uncover the truth, but Neptune has his own agenda and what he reveals might not be trustworthy. That acts as a fascinating backdrop for the Saturn-Uranus square and I think it will unfortunately cloud the issues even more. There will likely be another burst of civil unrest at this period, potentially driven by confusing information (Sun and MercRet in Gemini), exacerbated by the square to Neptune in Pisces (confusing illusions/disillusions) and then driven forward by an explosive rebel force (Uranus in Taurus).

After such a busy and tense two weeks, the second half of June seeks to restore harmony, or at least smooth over the roughest parts that just got shaken up. Mars enters Leo on June 12, just before the Saturn-Uranus exact square. This is a major improvement to Mars’ dignity and should improve the areas of life that were under attack with Mars in Cancer, shifting his fiery focus away from the sensitive issues of home and family and towards more self-centered things.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, followed by a trine between Venus and Neptune on the 21st where Venus attempts to soothe a frazzled Neptune who was just under the Sun’s spotlight.

Then Mercury stations direct on June 22, which should help us all start sorting out all the confusing information from the last few weeks. Venus opposes Pluto on the 23rd, which hearkens back to the Venus-Pluto square back in April. As the two planets stare at each other across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, they ask us to confront whether we actually released the unhealthy attachments, addictions and/or obsessions that were plaguing us since April. Mark this period down and note anything big that comes up, because we’re going to get one more major re-visitation of this Venus-Pluto energy with the Venus retrograde that happens at the very end of December.

And finally, the Full Moon at 3 Capricorn on June 24 is an opportunity for a sober, objective reverie on all the events that happened this month.

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