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Telling stories of healing with Three Ladies

This week, I spoke with Lady Vanessa Cardona: poet, performer, artist and community builder. Her show, Three Ladies, is opening Fringe Theatre’s off-season. In Three Ladies, Lady Vanessa weaves together monologue, ceremony, poetry, hip-hop and […]

Staging a true crime: a review of The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

NOTE: I decided to break this review into two parts: the first gives a spoiler-free overview of the show and the second discusses some very specific aspects of the story. If you haven’t seen the […]

Crime and stage management with The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

We don’t often get to hear from the perspective of stage managers when talking about theatre, so this week I spoke with Millie Winzinowich, the apprentice stage manager for Workshop West’s new show, The Ballad […]

Home invaders: Shadow Theatre’s The Roommate

Shadow Theatre’s season opener will have you thinking about your experiences with roommates, past or present. This two-hander, written by New York playwright Jen Silverman, features Coralie Cairns and Nadien Chu as a pair of […]

Bloody and bejeweled: a review of Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs

Despite the kooky premise, there’s a lot to find familiar in Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs. Sure, most of us probably aren’t blood-addicted nurses descended from Eastern European nobility who can sniff out your blood type from […]

Dancing the Alberta budget blues with Mile Zero Dance

Alberta’s new budget slashes funding for the arts and I went on a rant about it. Then I have a wonderful conversation with Gerry Morita, artistic director of Mile Zero Dance Society, about their upcoming […]

Canonizing the Orange Crush: Jason Chinn’s E Day

Well, here we are: the federal election has come and gone and there sure wasn’t a wave of NDP support this time around. Quite the contrary – Alberta painted itself blue, again, except for a […]

Democracy on stage at the Citadel’s Fight Night

I can’t think of a better show to see this election season than Fight Night, an odd theatrical experiment by Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed, part of the Citadel’s Highwire Series. (OK, except maybe E […]

All the middle-aged ladies put your hands up

This week is all about taking back the stage for the middle-aged ladies. First up is Kristin Johnston, who is starring in Northern Light Theatre’s season opener Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs. After that is Nancy McAlear, […]

Demagogues on display: a review of Studio Theatre’s Richard III

Studio Theatre’s gritty, urban production of Richard III feels uncomfortably familiar to audiences in 2019. Director Max Rubin – who is an MFA directing candidate with the University of Alberta – has reimagined Shakespeare’s history […]

Election edition with E Day and Richard III

Things get political this week with a pair of interviews that fit perfectly with the upcoming Canadian federal election. First is Dave Horak, who is directing Theatre Network’s first show of the season, E Day […]

Jumping on the Bollywood train with Taj Express

If you can manage to get tickets to tonight’s show of Taj Express, do it. Alberta Ballet’s season opener is only doing a couple shows in Edmonton – last night and tonight – before the […]